Select-vice presidential candidates who Cares to Farmers

Tens of thousands of sugarcane farmers in Malang , East Java , expect candidates for president and vice president ( president- vice president ) who will fight on July 9 Pilres care about the fate of farmers. One way is to not do the imports of sugar that resulted in local sugar prices dropped .

" Sugar Cane Farmers Association ( APRT ) Malang regency has yet to make his choice will opt -vice presidential candidate who . , But whoever is elected will , should care about farmers , do not do the imports of sugar will damage the price of sugar , " said Chairman APRT Malang Dwi Irianto , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

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According to Dwi , sugarcane farmers in Malang which is the largest sugarcane farmers in East Java are advised not to arbitrarily choose a presidential candidate .

" Farmers should be observant and careful to choose a leader . Vision mission should be seen . Supportive of the farmers like. Closeout If only promises and no evidence , not chosen , " he said .

Track record vice presidential candidate must also studied with jelly . Dwi said , they will be meeting to determine a candidate to be supported .

According to him , the candidate will be supported should have concern for the farmers . During this time , he continued , the government has sided with the farmers , especially farmers.

" The proof is low sugar prices and hurt farmers . Government always imported sugar ( refined ) . Sovereignty food just mere promises . Needless proven , " he said .

If the government still loyal to the decision to import rice, meat , and sugar , then farmers will continue to suffer .

" If you keep doing the import , many convicted of corruption . Example , imports of meat corruption , imported rice , also corruption and even imported sugar ( refined ) there is also corruption has not only caught , " he said .

According to him , as an agricultural country , Indonesia should maintain the principle of food sovereignty .

When asked towards the support of the farmers and APTR , Dwi only confirmed a number of criteria , namely populist figure , not corrupt , caring little people, and work with sincerity .

Currently , sugarcane milling period ahead , the trade minister ( Minister of Trade ) 2014 HPP set at Rp 8,250 , assuming an average yield of 8:07 . Dwi said earlier , it proposes HPP 9,500 .

" Ironically , if the government sets HPP under the BPP . Hopefully later elected president indifferent to the fate of farmers , " he said .


Powered Military Junta Claims King of Thailand

Thailand’s coup leader , on Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) , said that the king of the country has been officially supported him to take care of the nation’s armed forces seized power after last week . The announcement came a day after the junta warned the protesters that the military is ready to act decisively against the civilian opposition related to the takeover .

Barbalut white military uniform , General Prayuth Chan - ocha spoke at the beginning of his first news conference since the coup on Thursday . He confirmed the existence of a coup . He said he had acted after a half year increased confrontation between the present government , which has been overthrown , and its supporters , protesters backed by the powerful who fought to overthrow the government .

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" The most important thing now is to maintain peace and order in this country , " Prayuth said . " As the conflict increased , and there is the threat of violence , we must act . "

Suthep Thaugsuban , who for seven months and led protests have been arrested since the coup junta announced last Thursday , left the military detention center on Monday and later appeared in the attorney general’s office escorted by police and soldiers . He faces charges of rebellion because the government seized a number of ministries and other violations during a protest action .

The military has been trying to limit protest by holding the figures are likely to play a role as a leader . The junta defends detention of former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra , most of the Cabinet members were ousted government , and dozens of politicians and activists .

The junta has also ordered dozens of vocal activists , academics and journalists to report to military authorities . More than 200 people , the majority perceived as opponents of the new regime , has so far been officially summoned . A list of people who called in were broadcast on radio and TV .

The fate of Yingluck , who surrendered Friday , and many others are still unclear . Some prisoners have been freed , and the military said they would release most of them after about a week .


Muslim Center Near Ground Zero Return Triggers Controversy

For many Americans , the bad memories of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York is still very clear . Building the new World Trade Center nearing completion , 13 years after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 .
Also there are plans to build ” the Muslim Center” with a museum and a mosque which is located three blocks from Ground Zero - or the location of the World Trade Center were attacked by terrorists before. Although more modest than previously but the structure remains mired in controversy .

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Proposed construction of ” Muslim Center ” that includes a three-story building with a small mosque , community center and museum about Islam .
Imam Talib Abdul- Rashid - President of the Islamic Leadership Council - said the project should reflect the Islamic story in full .
" Islam is one of three traditions ( religion of ) Abraham , and the second - I’m more in favor of the latter - this is an accurate depiction of the discussion and the figure of Muslims in America in general and New York in particular , " said Talib .
Earlier in 2010, many U.S. residents protested the plan to build the community center and 15-story mosque at that location .

The demonstrators - including some of the families of those killed in the attacks of 11 September 2001 - said it was too sensitive to build an Islamic complex so close to ” Ground Zero ” .
The initial plan of development of the community center - the so-called ” Park 51 ” - eventually canceled . But a new plan now also trigger opposition, although the details are still yet to be announced .
Pamela Geller - President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative said , ” Honestly what we need is the directness of the doctrine of jihad and jihadists . Is this museum will show about jihad war for 1,400 years , the division of land , cultural annihilation and enslavement ? I think not ! I think this would cover it and I think this is not right at ” Ground Zero ” . We need to know the development plan . “
A group of students and professors from Canada who visited New York the opportunity to obtain a brief description exclusively from one of the developers at that location .
Alexandra Bain - expert knowledge of religion - Islam believes history is important for the community and the world .
"Muslims have been in America since the days of slavery . They are some of the first Americans , and they remain a vital part of American culture , "said Alexandra .
The developers of the project ” Muslim Center ” it has not revealed the entire plan or who is funding the development . But they assert that the location will soon be leveled and will be built on top of a structure that is dedicated to exploring Islam , as well as art and culture .


Should SNI, Confused Kids Toy Business

Application of the necessity of Indonesia National Standard ( SNI ) for toys , make confuse industrial entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) . Confusion experienced entrepreneurs toys due to the complexity of the certification process .

" We also look at what’s dizzy described to satisfy the ISO , " said Susanti , small entrepreneurs doll products are present in the Workshop Preparing SMEs are confronted by the provisions of ISO toys in Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

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It is also felt by Ahmad Siyatna , toys entrepreneur from Bandung , In addition to the certification policy is confused because he also questioned why the certification is only valid for six months . Entrepreneur from Bandung judge it just makes toy manufacturers .

" This is why only six months , it could be 6 months not now why that could be made easier really complicated , " he said .

Meanwhile , Ari , other toys entrepreneurs , assess the socialization of the Government was not optimal . This makes entrepreneurs confused with ISO certification implemented by the Government .

" Employers do not know the toys IKM what ingredients are harmful to humans . Diakabatkan It is lack of socialization to the SME entrepreneurs toys , " he said .


InPonsel , Make it easy for Search Service Center Smartphone

PT InTele Hub Indonesia , mobile phone information service providers and telecommunications with extensive mobile database application launches InPonsel for Android version 2.1 . Android -based application is already available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free .

" After testing and crosscheck the data with mobile phone vendors , service center database features can now be accessed by the user through the application InPonsel update version 2.1 " , obviously Uteng Iskandar , founder InPonsel through its official statement .

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The service provides over 1500 points InPonsel service centers throughout Indonesia for dozens of brands of mobile phones . The information provided includes the service center address , phone number , hours of operations , web address , and links to social networking accounts Twitter , Facebook , and YouTube to related brands .

" As the mobile database , to our service center features optimizing the search method . In InPonsel users can search for the location of the service center easily and quickly . Simply type in the district, or county , or province , then the system will display a list of services in the area . Or it could be a combination of , for example , nokia users in Bandung , then simply type ’ nokia bandung ’ " , said Uteng .

He said , to speed up the search point location , InPonsel using its own algorithm , do not use the geo - tagging . This completes the service center facility in the content InPonsel services previously provided information database and mobile prices .

" In the future we will continue to add mobile -related content as widely as possible . So InPonsel be a reference and an all -in-one solution for tens of millions of mobile phone users in Indonesia " , said Uteng .

InPonsel currently provides thousands of mobile phone data from 62 brands . InPonsel also impose a membership system , where there are currently over 8000 registered members . In the near future , InPonsel plans to open service platform to Nokia X , then proceed to other mobile platforms .


Jokowi-JK-Hatta Prabowo Defeat in Survey, What word PAN?

Gerindra Party and the National Mandate Party coalition is almost certain to carry the pair as a presidential candidate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa as a candidate for vice president . Indonesian Political Indicators Survey released on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) afternoon show electability pair is still below the electability of presidential candidates PDI - P , Joko Widodo , when paired with Golkar politician Jusuf Kalla . Jokowi - JK duo rose after Golkar discourse will move closer to the PDI - P .

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Board chairman Viva Yoga PAN winning elections , said the survey results can not be used as a benchmark .

" That’s still the survey , is not necessarily appropriate . I surveyed did not enter the House , in fact now in, " said Yoga , which is present in the press conference the release of the survey.

The results of the survey , according to him , can change according to time and the dynamics that exist in society . He believes , within two months , Prabowo and Hatta will successfully increase elektabilitasnya .

" Our society is dynamic . Even if the results ( the survey ) can be used as a benchmark , it could change , " he said .

Yoga also said he did not agree with the results of the survey indicators which refer to the figure of vice-presidential candidate has no effect on the presidential candidates .

" I do not agree vice factors are not significant. Sure if I’m paired with Hatta , can greatly affect the quality he is so qualified . Candidate for what careful in selecting and researching candidates for vice president if no effect , " he said .

In the survey , Jokowi -Kalla gain of 51.0 percent , while Prabowo - Hatta of 32.4 percent . The remaining 16.6 percent did not know.

The population of this survey are all Indonesian citizens who have the right to choose the number of samples of 1,220 people . The margin of error of plus - minus 2.9 percent with a 95 percent confidence level . The method is done by face to face interview on 20 to 26 April 2014. Political Indicators survey was conducted in collaboration with the Indonesian Indonesian Democracy Development Foundation ( YPDI ) and the Australian National University ( ANU ) .


Poke Disabled , Facebooker Once Again ’ Flick ’ Friends

Facebook finally ended Poke . Facebook applications are touted Snapchat mimic this can no longer be found in the App Store for iOS . With the loss of Poke , Facebookers now can not ’ pinch ’ friends .

Poke enables users ’ flick ’ friends by sending a message with a glimpse of a photo or video . This message will only appear 10 seconds before disappearing himself .

Not much use or even just know the function of the Facebook Poke . It looks like Facebook was assumed Poke does not really matter . No wonder if Facebook eventually shut off POKE without announcement officially say goodbye in their blog posts .

As reported by Mashable , Saturday ( 10/05/2014 ) , Poke is basically made up for challenge Snapchat . When released in December 2012 , some analysts said at the time Snapchat potential rival Facebook .

Unfortunately , Poke failed to steal the heart . The reasons vary, but the simplest and most notably , the fact that the concept of a glimpse message brought Snapchat first popular Facebook and looks like a tail .

Besides Poke , Facebook simultaneously turn off the Camera in the App Store for iOS . Application to upload Facebook photos also seems not so popular .

Overview recalls Camera function , this application allows users to upload multiple photos at once to Facebook . Previously , users could only upload individual photos from their smartphones .

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Facebook Camera itself was touted as a clone of Instagram , before Facebook acquired the popular photo sharing service . Facebook spokesman confirmed the end of the Facebook Poke and Facebook Camera , but declined to give further details .


Ship Collision in Bakauheni, No Fatalities

There were no fatalities in the event of a collision between KM Marisa archipelago with Cambodia -flagged ship Qihang in 3 mi Port Bakauheni , South Lampung , Saturday ( 05/03/2014 ) at 02:30 pm . In the marine accident , at least 24 vehicles damaged.

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" Passengers and vehicles in KM Marisa archipelago was at about 04.00 in the morning has been evacuated , " said Operations Manager ASDP Bakauheni , South Lampung , Heru Purwanto when contacted on Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

When asked how the collision events can happen , it can not reveal . ” We can only explain the evacuation of the ship , ” he said .

Information obtained , KM Marisa archipelago departed from the port of Merak around 00.00 Saturday morning . Approximately 02.00 KM Marisa and Ship Qihang touched in about 3 miles from the island Rimau to Marisa hull damage occurred along the 7 meters .

" KM Marisa because in an emergency forced propped at Pier 5 that the dock should be used for berthing KM Tribuana , " he said .

Qihang ship allegedly departed from the Port of Long Container toward Taiwan . After the incident , the foreign flagged ships were fleeing , making it difficult to identify problem officers .


Weigh-related levies Klepu, commander of the TNI Members Promise to Investigate Engagement

Military and Police officers mentioned involved extortion Klepu weighbridge , Jalan Sukarno Hatta , Semarang regency . Responding to news of the district military commander Colonel Tjahjono 0714 Salatiga Prasetyanto promised to investigate the activity of its members secretly .

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Tjahjono ensure all members are found to be illegal actions backing Klepu weighbridge will get penalized . ” It has nothing to do with our duties as members of the military, but I am not sure whether or not that information . , But we were grateful that the existence of the information . Later we act discreetly if any of our members who went along , ” said Tjahjono , when contacted Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) .

Similar statement also conveyed Semarang Police Chief , Chief Augustine Berlianto Pangaribuan . He said he could not confirm the involvement of police in the extortion case Klepu weighbridge .

But Augustine insists , will not hesitate to impose severe sanctions for members of the police who proved backing illegal action weighbridge . Currently , weighbridge Klepu temporarily stopped operating due to roadworks.

" Here there are about five units of CCTV . Illegal if there is I do not know . Tasked with keeping the time I just closed temporarily because some road repairs , " said a duty officer Klepu weighbridge .


The taxi driver plot Passengers Robbed Turns recidivists

Two taxi driver and his two officers arrested Unit V Subdit Resmob General Directorate of Criminal Investigation Jakarta Police for robbing passengers . The average offender is a recidivist similar cases .

" To suspect this Sugeng original driver , he recidivists . We also do not know how she got into the taxi company Express and accepted as a driver , " said Kasubdit Resmob Ditreskrimum City Police AKBP Adex Yudiswan told reporters in Metro Jaya Police Headquarters , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 30 / 4/2014 ) .

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Adex is said , this group has been doing since 2006 action orchestrated by Nofa suspect Hendra ( 38 ) . Since 2006, Nofa Papang alias has not been caught .

" He never robbed WN Korea with a loss of about USD 1.7 billion , " added Adex .

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Some members Papang , including Sugeng already out of prison up to 3 times . Sugeng suspect had just been recruited by the group Papang .

Explained Adex , actors pretending to look for passengers . In its action , chauffeured by Taxi Express which is tasked with finding the suspect Sugeng prey followed by taxi Primary Papang chauffeured by the suspect .

" Two other suspects are Asmardhi and Adel is participating in a cab driven by Papang Primaries , " continued Adex .