Transmigration Area Investment Reaches Rp 13 Trillion

Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration recorded during 2013 there were 41 companies to invest in transmigration areas located in 11 provinces throughout Indonesia with an investment of around Rp13 trillion .

" Transmigration area has a special attraction for investors , especially for plantation and agricultural sector because natural resources are not widely used . It will also help the government to accelerate economic growth evenly in various regions , " said Muhaimin Iskandar in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 22/4 ) .

Locations investment in transmigration areas that include the province of Aceh Darussalam , North Sumatra , South Sumatra , Riau Islands , Riau , East Kalimantan , South Kalimantan , Central Kalimantan , West Nusa Tenggara , Gorontalo and Central Sulawesi .

Meanwhile , 41 companies engaged in the oil palm , sisal and sugar cane cooperation partnership with the nucleus - plasma with migrants and surrounding communities through the implementation of the mechanism Transmigration Permission ( IPT ) .

Muhaimin said the government continues to encourage investment in transmigration areas to accelerate the growth of regional development , improve people’s welfare and absorb migrants and employment opportunities for the surrounding community .

" A variety of authorized capital owned by the investor should be adjusted and combined and match with the availability of land , labor and facilities in transmigration areas so as to cause a synergy to accelerate the development of transmigration areas , " said Muhaimin .

Currently, there are 57 other companies that are in the process of obtaining IPT with some types of businesses that are excellent for investors developed in transmigration areas include plantations, animal husbandry , agriculture , entrepreneurship and forestry sector in the form of Forest (HTR ) .

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" The most in demand by the investor in making an investment in transmigration areas is the local leading commodities , such as palm oil , rice , rubber , sugar cane , sisal and sea grass . Activities are carried out through a partnership between migrants and local residents with state enterprises and private , " said Muhaimin .


Sustainable Programs la Apple Store

Not only is engaged in the innovation and development of technology , Apple has a big concern on energy saving and environmentally friendly . This is evidenced by the latest Apple Store campaign launched a free recycling program .

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Reporting from Phonearena , Apple considers that the energy needs of growing bigger and bigger in the future . Google has been known to find renewable energy sources to power the farm and power savings for a very large servers , and Apple wants to position itself at the forefront of renewable energy technology and environmental campaigns .

Through his official website , Tim Cook ( Apple CEO ) even stated that the Apple Store is being intensified recycling campaign . Cook said that he believes climate change will have a significant impact on the environment , and this is where Apple intends to take part in environmental conservation .

In the environmental campaign , Tim Cook to start with the idea of ​​the use of environmentally friendly materials in packaging , using recycled materials , green energy , and keep Apple devices away from material that could cause an explosion or fire .

On the latter point , Apple has also announced the expansion of the recycling program . Apple has had a recycling program since 1994 , and recently , has offered a Gift Card for trade-in program for all iOS devices ( iPhones , iPads , and Macs ) and receive free recycling is not limited to specific conditions . Now , the recycling program has been expanded to accept all Apple devices , including iPod , iPhone and older series .


Still “throaty” and Hard Turning, Basuki in Work

Absent More than one week due to sinus surgery , Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja resumed at City Hall . In fact , his voice was ” motion - gerok ” as spelled out by Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo .

Basuki is wearing a white shirt and a white blend blue tie clad in black suits arrived at the City Hall at around 7:50 pm , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) . After the fall of his official car , there are two security staff in ( pamdal ) who greeted him and shook his hand as he asked how the number two in the Capital .

" Good news , " said Basuki told Pamdal Hall , shaking hands with it .

Basuki voice still sounded softly , softly , and hoarse . Not like the usual , Basuki often issued loud voice , these days , he only spoke as needed .

When some people complain of problems related to the apartment ( flat ) to him , Basuki listening approximately two minutes . He asked his bodyguards to follow up on the identity of the complainant .

When journalist reportedly asked , Basuki also a short answer . ” ( The situation ) is getting better, but still a little hard to see one , ” said Basuki .

His face looks tired eyes glazed . When the talk was , Basuki looks stiff to look to the right and left . Previously , his neck was in a cast after surgery sinusitis .

Basuki body also looks even thinner than before . When rising from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor to the cubicle, Basuki had stopped for a moment in front of the elevators . However , he still decided to use the stairs to his office manual .

As information , Basuki absent from work for more than seven days due to suffering from strep throat . He had surgery in one of the private hospitals in the area Pluit , North Jakarta .

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Based on the published agenda of city government official , Basuki will follow the leadership meeting with Jokowi and regional work units ( on education ) others at City Hall , at 08.00 am .


Bank Bumiputera Will Be Changed Name MNC Bank

Media Nusantara Citra (MNC) Group through PT MNC Capital Indonesia (BCAP) has made the acquisition of 54.86 million shares of PT Bank ICB Bumiputera Tbk (BABP).

To that end, the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) today, Monday (04/21/2014), ICB Bumiputera will change its name to MNC Bank. This name change, has received approval from the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

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The purchase price of these shares reached Rp 7, 95 billion. Thus, the MNC’s Capital pocketed as much as 1.37 billion shares, equivalent to 25 percent ownership of ICB Bumiputera.

MNC Capital has purchased 1.316 million shares of Bank ICB Bumiputera and ICB Financial Group Holdings AG. Thus, MNC official Capital own 24 percent ICB Bumiputera. The transaction was conducted on 27 January.

Purchase of shares by MNC Kapital performed at the level of the stock price of Rp160 per share.


Salaries business towers in Jakarta Already Budgeted One Semester

Head of Financial Management (BPKD) Endang Widjajanti surprised to hear there are still non-permanent employees (PHL) unpaid wages. Therefore, the local budget (budget) has been able to use DKI.

"Salary PHL should be not be a problem because it can use precedes the budget," said Endang to, Jakarta, Friday (04/18/2014).

If it is still there PHL whose salary has not been paid, he said, means there are administrative requirements that can not be fulfilled stakeholders. For example, filling work attendance, and others. Because, he said, the budget for salaries PHL course has been prepared by one semester, or June.

"Even if administrative problems also redeemed filing usually long baseball, only two days, in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) that exist," said Endang.

For your information, Joko Widodo Jakarta Governor Governor has issued regulations (gubernatorial) No. 177 of 2013 concerning the establishment of regional spending budget preceding 2014. In the regulation, mentioned that spending could be used before the endorsement area, with a maximum number of budget 2013. Gubernatorial signed Jokowi on December 30, 2013 last.

Instead, the non-permanent employees in the towers Pinus Elegant claimed to have paid their honorarium for three months. Frida, the administration staff manager Pinus Elegant towers, said he had received news of the salary will be paid in Rapel. However, until nearly three months the fund never received.

"Now the way our third month (flat management staff) have not been paid," said Frida.

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The same thing happened in the towers Marunda, North Jakarta.


Chronic and Acute Illness Differences

One mistake often occurs in people when seeing a doctor . Namely , it is difficult to distinguish where the disease is classified as acute and chronic where .

"If we suddenly hit by something heavy , sudden , and brief , it is called acute . Example , a heart attack . Where there is planned a heart attack , " said Doctor Medicine Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital ( RSCM ) , Dr . M. Ikhsan Mokoagow , SpPD , M.Med.Sci , in the ’ Important Factors in Successful Treatment Adherence for Chronic Disease Management ’ in Sere Sweet , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/15/2014 )

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" As a chronic condition that occurs is not always symptomatic , slowly , and for a long time , " said Ikhsan added .

Ikhsan also give an example . If there is a motorcycle rider falls and broken bones , and all happen unplanned , meaning relatively acute . Because , there is no fracture is chronic .

"Or if the sudden tightness because kehirup dust , animals , and need to be sprayed , it is categorized as acute , " said Ikhsan explained .

But , further Ikhsan , if before the motorist who crashed already experienced bone loss , it is a chronic process . Because , there are no people who have osteoporosis in one night .

" People with asthma from childhood to old, maybe it will continue to asthma . ‘s Called chronic , " said Ikhsan stressed .


Rain, Flooding Jayapura Ruas Utama

A number of major roads in the city of Jayapura , Papua province , since Wednesday morning ( 16/4 ) by floods due to rains and overflowing rivers , characterized puddles of mud and other impurities .

At some point the roads were flooded and exposed to the brunt of floods due to rain since early this morning as on Jalan Raya Padang Bulan - Sentani right in front Makorem 172/PWY . Water overflowing from the drainage channel . Then Rise Skyline - autonomous water to overflow into the road , and a New Way Kotaraja - Black Soil .

Later an alternative road behind Housing Jaya Asri mudflow partly mixed with other materials to close the road agency . Entrop - Abepura Highway in front of the village chief and PTC Entrop Kelapa Dua Entrop long traffic jams occur in both directions due to water overflowing from Entrop time to a height of 30-40 centimeters .

In front of the office of the Papuan Health BPJS not far from the ramp - Skyline Autonomous overflow water from drainage channels on either side of the road . There’s even a four-wheel vehicle strike and assisted by local residents to be pushed to the wayside .

While the two-wheeler riders , most chose to shelter in existing shophouses along the road in the region . ” This is due to the rain all night , got no longer able to accommodate the water that overflowed into the street , ” said Roberth , motorist .

According to him , it should drain or drainage channels in the city of Jayapura and the surrounding areas are always cleaned , especially during the rainy season . “If the parties concerned can widen the drainage channels and clearing mud and garbage . Well as citizens we must support programs of hygiene mayor Benhur Tommy Mano , ” he said .

While on Saturday ( 12/4 ) , Jayapura city center also heavy rain until Sunday ( 13/4 ) morning so Jalan Sam Ratulangi floods and mud and sand material .

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A number of houses in the capital of Papua province was reportedly destroyed by landslides . However, there were no fatalities in the accident .


Pertamina: Quota Fuel Subsidy Will Not Enough When It Plus

Jakarta - PT Pertamina ( Persero ) has warned the government that the quota of fuel oil ( BBM ) subsidy as much as 47.36 million kilo liters ( KL ) given to Pertamina was not quite up to the end of the year . Even Pertamina Marketing and Commercial Director Hanung Budya have told people , do not be surprised if by the end of Pertamina narrow distribution of subsidies, particularly diesel fuel at the pump , because the quota is not enough .

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" If it is not added then the quota will not be enough . So for those who feel the head area ration of fuel subsidy is not enough , immediately requested additional to BPH Migas , because that gives rations there , " said Hanung in the event APKASI Green Energy and Mining Investment Forum , JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

As is known , the subsidized fuel quota set at 48 million kiloliters . There are three entities that distribute the fuel subsidy , the first is Pertamina with quota reached 99.6 % or 47.36 million KL . The rest was given to AKR Corporindo and Surya Parna Niaga ( SPN ) .

Ration of fuel subsidy will not be enough Pertamina expected until the end of the year. For example, where the diesel quota this year 11 % lower compared to the diesel consumption in 2013 .

Until the first quarter of 2014 , Pertamina reported disbursement of subsidized fuel by 11.2 million KL . This figure is 23.6 % of quota during 2014 .


Megawati Lift Jokowi So Commander of the Presidential Election Campaign

A spokesman for the PDI-P winning the presidential election Eva Kusuma Sundari said , commander PDIP victory in the upcoming presidential election submitted to Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) , PDIP presidential candidate . The order was given by the Chairman of the DPP PDIP Megawati Sukarnoputri .

Eva explained , Megawati was handed a huge task on Jokowi after an internal evaluation on the results of a quick count of votes in the legislative elections PDIP . Later , Jokowi will keep winning elections assisted by the PDI-P , led by Puan Maharani .

" Since 9 April , Bu Mega has been winning the election chief handed directly to Mr. Jokowi , " Eva said when contacted from Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Member of Commission III was confirmed , the conditions in the internal PDIP remains solid . He denied the rumors stating that due to internal party split the vote in pileg PDIP still below the target based on a quick count .
" Who is the target age party ? Fact there were far off the mark , we highlighted why ? We remain solid , " he said .

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Since the implementation of Pileg Jokowi political incentive to do a safari to see a number of party leaders . Among these are Nasdem Party Chairman Surya Paloh and Chairman of the Golkar Party Bakrie . Jokowi not deny this activity is done to open the map facing election coalition .


Anas respond to the decline in the vote Democrats

Former DPP Chairman of the Democratic Party Anas Urbaningrum assess the decline in the Democrat Party in the legislative elections on April 9 due to the unsatisfactory performance of public government .

" Up and down in the polls, there are up, some going down , the main thing is ( because ) the government work deemed unsatisfactory public , I think it is , " said Anas at the KPK building on Friday .

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Anas came to the KPK building to be questioned as a suspect in the case of construction -related gift receipt Center for Education , Training and Schools ( P3SON ) in Hambalang and other projects .

Previously reported results of a quick count of the Indonesian Survey Circle ( LSI ) showed that the Democratic Party received 9.72 percent of the vote , while the calculation based Center for Strategic and International Studies and Cyrus Network calling Democrats got 9.1 percent .

Whereas in the 2009 elections , according to the National Election Commission of national accounting , the Democratic Party gained 20.85 percent of the vote , followed by Golkar and PDI-P with 14.45 percent with 14.03 percent of the vote .

" The survey results show that , the level of public satisfaction with government performance dropped dramatically , in recent times , the normal democratic formula applies anywhere, " Anas added .

party government

Rumusannnya by Anas is the main government party that publicly demonstrated the satisfactory performance of the government in the eyes of the people must electoral incentives enjoyed by the government party , but if the government deemed unsatisfactory public will have an impact on the level of electoral parties in the government .

" Especially the party became the main pillar of government . Was general formula anywhere , not unusual , so if Democrats can call it 9-10 per cent , according to the numbers I ‘ve been incredible, " said Anas .

The remarkable thing because Democratic campaign conducted by various parties within the party .

" Because the work is not just Mr. SBY as chairman , president , head of state , head of government and party cadres but also aided by teams convention , convention if no teams will not penetrate 9-10 percent , " said Anas .