Chronic and Acute Illness Differences

One mistake often occurs in people when seeing a doctor . Namely , it is difficult to distinguish where the disease is classified as acute and chronic where .

"If we suddenly hit by something heavy , sudden , and brief , it is called acute . Example , a heart attack . Where there is planned a heart attack , " said Doctor Medicine Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital ( RSCM ) , Dr . M. Ikhsan Mokoagow , SpPD , M.Med.Sci , in the ’ Important Factors in Successful Treatment Adherence for Chronic Disease Management ’ in Sere Sweet , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/15/2014 )

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" As a chronic condition that occurs is not always symptomatic , slowly , and for a long time , " said Ikhsan added .

Ikhsan also give an example . If there is a motorcycle rider falls and broken bones , and all happen unplanned , meaning relatively acute . Because , there is no fracture is chronic .

"Or if the sudden tightness because kehirup dust , animals , and need to be sprayed , it is categorized as acute , " said Ikhsan explained .

But , further Ikhsan , if before the motorist who crashed already experienced bone loss , it is a chronic process . Because , there are no people who have osteoporosis in one night .

" People with asthma from childhood to old, maybe it will continue to asthma . ‘s Called chronic , " said Ikhsan stressed .


Rain, Flooding Jayapura Ruas Utama

A number of major roads in the city of Jayapura , Papua province , since Wednesday morning ( 16/4 ) by floods due to rains and overflowing rivers , characterized puddles of mud and other impurities .

At some point the roads were flooded and exposed to the brunt of floods due to rain since early this morning as on Jalan Raya Padang Bulan - Sentani right in front Makorem 172/PWY . Water overflowing from the drainage channel . Then Rise Skyline - autonomous water to overflow into the road , and a New Way Kotaraja - Black Soil .

Later an alternative road behind Housing Jaya Asri mudflow partly mixed with other materials to close the road agency . Entrop - Abepura Highway in front of the village chief and PTC Entrop Kelapa Dua Entrop long traffic jams occur in both directions due to water overflowing from Entrop time to a height of 30-40 centimeters .

In front of the office of the Papuan Health BPJS not far from the ramp - Skyline Autonomous overflow water from drainage channels on either side of the road . There’s even a four-wheel vehicle strike and assisted by local residents to be pushed to the wayside .

While the two-wheeler riders , most chose to shelter in existing shophouses along the road in the region . ” This is due to the rain all night , got no longer able to accommodate the water that overflowed into the street , ” said Roberth , motorist .

According to him , it should drain or drainage channels in the city of Jayapura and the surrounding areas are always cleaned , especially during the rainy season . “If the parties concerned can widen the drainage channels and clearing mud and garbage . Well as citizens we must support programs of hygiene mayor Benhur Tommy Mano , ” he said .

While on Saturday ( 12/4 ) , Jayapura city center also heavy rain until Sunday ( 13/4 ) morning so Jalan Sam Ratulangi floods and mud and sand material .

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A number of houses in the capital of Papua province was reportedly destroyed by landslides . However, there were no fatalities in the accident .


Pertamina: Quota Fuel Subsidy Will Not Enough When It Plus

Jakarta - PT Pertamina ( Persero ) has warned the government that the quota of fuel oil ( BBM ) subsidy as much as 47.36 million kilo liters ( KL ) given to Pertamina was not quite up to the end of the year . Even Pertamina Marketing and Commercial Director Hanung Budya have told people , do not be surprised if by the end of Pertamina narrow distribution of subsidies, particularly diesel fuel at the pump , because the quota is not enough .

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" If it is not added then the quota will not be enough . So for those who feel the head area ration of fuel subsidy is not enough , immediately requested additional to BPH Migas , because that gives rations there , " said Hanung in the event APKASI Green Energy and Mining Investment Forum , JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

As is known , the subsidized fuel quota set at 48 million kiloliters . There are three entities that distribute the fuel subsidy , the first is Pertamina with quota reached 99.6 % or 47.36 million KL . The rest was given to AKR Corporindo and Surya Parna Niaga ( SPN ) .

Ration of fuel subsidy will not be enough Pertamina expected until the end of the year. For example, where the diesel quota this year 11 % lower compared to the diesel consumption in 2013 .

Until the first quarter of 2014 , Pertamina reported disbursement of subsidized fuel by 11.2 million KL . This figure is 23.6 % of quota during 2014 .


Megawati Lift Jokowi So Commander of the Presidential Election Campaign

A spokesman for the PDI-P winning the presidential election Eva Kusuma Sundari said , commander PDIP victory in the upcoming presidential election submitted to Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) , PDIP presidential candidate . The order was given by the Chairman of the DPP PDIP Megawati Sukarnoputri .

Eva explained , Megawati was handed a huge task on Jokowi after an internal evaluation on the results of a quick count of votes in the legislative elections PDIP . Later , Jokowi will keep winning elections assisted by the PDI-P , led by Puan Maharani .

" Since 9 April , Bu Mega has been winning the election chief handed directly to Mr. Jokowi , " Eva said when contacted from Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Member of Commission III was confirmed , the conditions in the internal PDIP remains solid . He denied the rumors stating that due to internal party split the vote in pileg PDIP still below the target based on a quick count .
" Who is the target age party ? Fact there were far off the mark , we highlighted why ? We remain solid , " he said .

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Since the implementation of Pileg Jokowi political incentive to do a safari to see a number of party leaders . Among these are Nasdem Party Chairman Surya Paloh and Chairman of the Golkar Party Bakrie . Jokowi not deny this activity is done to open the map facing election coalition .


Anas respond to the decline in the vote Democrats

Former DPP Chairman of the Democratic Party Anas Urbaningrum assess the decline in the Democrat Party in the legislative elections on April 9 due to the unsatisfactory performance of public government .

" Up and down in the polls, there are up, some going down , the main thing is ( because ) the government work deemed unsatisfactory public , I think it is , " said Anas at the KPK building on Friday .

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Anas came to the KPK building to be questioned as a suspect in the case of construction -related gift receipt Center for Education , Training and Schools ( P3SON ) in Hambalang and other projects .

Previously reported results of a quick count of the Indonesian Survey Circle ( LSI ) showed that the Democratic Party received 9.72 percent of the vote , while the calculation based Center for Strategic and International Studies and Cyrus Network calling Democrats got 9.1 percent .

Whereas in the 2009 elections , according to the National Election Commission of national accounting , the Democratic Party gained 20.85 percent of the vote , followed by Golkar and PDI-P with 14.45 percent with 14.03 percent of the vote .

" The survey results show that , the level of public satisfaction with government performance dropped dramatically , in recent times , the normal democratic formula applies anywhere, " Anas added .

party government

Rumusannnya by Anas is the main government party that publicly demonstrated the satisfactory performance of the government in the eyes of the people must electoral incentives enjoyed by the government party , but if the government deemed unsatisfactory public will have an impact on the level of electoral parties in the government .

" Especially the party became the main pillar of government . Was general formula anywhere , not unusual , so if Democrats can call it 9-10 per cent , according to the numbers I ‘ve been incredible, " said Anas .

The remarkable thing because Democratic campaign conducted by various parties within the party .

" Because the work is not just Mr. SBY as chairman , president , head of state , head of government and party cadres but also aided by teams convention , convention if no teams will not penetrate 9-10 percent , " said Anas .


Ex-Officials Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison MORA

Former Director of Islamic Affairs Directorate -General ( DG ) Community Guidance ( Guidance ) Islamic Religious Affairs ( MORA ) , Ahmad Jauhari , was sentenced to 8 years in prison and a fine of Rp 200 million subsidiary six months imprisonment .

Panel of Judges Jakarta Corruption Court judge guilty of corruption procurement Jauhari Koran in Islamic Binmas DG Kemenag 2011-2012 .

" To declare the defendant legally and convincingly proven corruption in besama together and continue , " said Chief Justice, Anas Mustakim when reading the verdict at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

In addition , Jauhari also sentenced to pay the compensation of Rp 100 million and U.S. $ 15,000 . The money was received from the winner Jauhari Koran procurement project . However , the money has been returned by Jauhari the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) during the investigation process .

In a damning judgment , Jauhari considered not support the government’s program to eradicate corruption . Jauhari also did not acknowledge his actions and was judged to have tarnished the Ministry of Religious Affairs to lose public confidence . In fact, the Koran when it is needed by the Muslims .

" Deeds defendant scowled social and economic rights because the budget is not used for the benefit of society , " the judge said Hendra Yosfin .

As for mitigating circumstances , namely , Jauhari be polite during the trial , still have family responsibilities , and have never been punished .

Jauhari verdict lower than the prosecution before the Commission , which is 13 years in prison . In this case , as the official manufacturer’s commitment Jauhari ( KDP ) jointly Abdul Karim ( Secretary of Directorate General of Islamic Guidance ) , Mashuri ( ULP Team Leader ) , Nasaruddin Umar ( Deputy Minister of Religion) , Zulkarnain Djabar ( members of Parliament ) , Fahd El Fouz , Ali Djufrie and Abdul Kadir Alaydrus have established PT Adhi script Abadi Indonesia ( A3I ) as executor doubling Quran FY 2011 .

To win PT A3I , Jauhari intentionally added technical requirements that must be owned bidders , which have special production , packaging , and storage shed at least 5,000 square meters .

Meanwhile , for the Koran procurement project for the year 2012 PT Synergy Library Jauhari establish Indonesia as a winner . Of his decision , Jauhari receive money from Abdul Kadir ( Director of PT SPI ) or Ali Djufrie ( Director of PT A3I ) amounted to USD 100 million and 15,000 U.S. dollars which was then regarded as an act of self-enrichment .

Jauhari is also considered to have enriched Mashuri Rp 50 million and 5,000 dollars , enriching corporations such as PT Perkasa Jaya Abadi Nusantara Zulkarnain Djabar family owned and Rp 6,750 billion Prasetia Dendy , PT A3I of Rp 5.823 billion , and PT SPI of Rp 21.23 billion .

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As a result of his actions , Jauhari has been detrimental to the financial state of Rp 27 billion, according to calculations of the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) . Judge says Jauhari proven to have violated Article 2 Paragraph ( 1 ) in conjunction with Article 18 of Law No. 31 of 1999 as amended by Act No. 20 of 2001 on Eradication of Corruption in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph ( 1 ) of the Criminal Code to - 1 in conjunction with Article 64 Paragraph ( 1 ) of the Criminal Code .


Jakarta Possible rain on Day & Night

Rain with mild to moderate intensity is predicted to be flushed capital city of Jakarta and surrounding areas today .

Based on information collected from the Meteorology , Climatology and Geophysics ( BMKG ) , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , in the morning the weather is friendly looks almost evenly in the Greater Jakarta area .

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While during the day and night , rain is predicted to be flushed area of South Jakarta , East Jakarta , Depok , Tangerang , Bekasi , and Bogor . While Jakata North , Central Jakarta , Thousand Islands, the weather was very friendly .

Therefore, for people who want to do the activity on the morning that always bring a raincoat , and be careful in driving.

Rain is expected to be flushed capital city all day today . It was based on forecasts of Meteorology and Geophysics ( BMKG ) , Friday ( 04/04/2014 ) .

In the morning , the rain is predicted to be flushed North Jakarta , West Jakarta and Central Jakarta . While such peyangga Cities Depok , Tangerang , Bekasi , and Bogor shrouded in clouds .

In the afternoon , turn South Jakarta , East Jakarta , West Jakarta and will be subject to the water fraction of the sky with moderate intensity . Likewise with the city of Bogor peyangga like it will rain with moderate intensity .

While the evening , the rain still survive in West Jakarta and South Jakarta . While the city will peyangga rain Depok , and Bogor .


Detected 122 Objects, MH370 Debris?

The quest for Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft lost continues to show progress . The latest news , at least 122 potential objects of suspected aircraft debris MH370 detected by satellites . The objects that are in an area of ​​400 square kilometers around the area within 2,557 kilometers from Perth , Western Ausralia .

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" This picture is given and Defense Agency Space Imaging Agent Airbus France to Remote Regions of Malaysia , " said Acting ( Acting ) Minister of Transport Malaysia Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters while showing the picture , Wednesday, March 26, 2014 .

In a picture taken on March 23, 2014 was visible objects whose size is estimated at 23 meters . Most objects appear shiny and the possibility of a solid material . ” We have given the report to the Australian search team and combined team coordination center in Perth , ” said Hishammuddin . ( Read : TNI Radar Maybe Monitor Malaysia Airlines )

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However , he said, it could not confirm whether the image plane debris MH370 . However, these findings could be an important clue in the search . ” Now we also seek to provide insight to the families of the passengers , ” said Minister of Defence Malaysia. ( Read : China ’ The Enemy Within Blanket ’ When Searching MH370 )

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Polusi Microplastic dikonfirmasi untuk menjadi ancaman bagi keanekaragaman hayati laut

Penelitian baru menegaskan prediksi para ilmuwan ’ bahwa polusi microplastic parah dapat mempengaruhi keanekaragaman hayati laut dan kesehatan lautan kita

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Kembali pada tahun 2010 Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) mengidentifikasi bahwa microplastics bisa menimbulkan ancaman yang muncul ke rantai keanekaragaman hayati dan makanan laut . Kehadiran partikel kecil dari plastik ( kurang dari 5 mm ) dalam kolom air dan sedimen laut tampaknya kecelakaan menunggu untuk terjadi - atau bahkan kecelakaan yang sudah terjadi …

Penelitian oleh ilmuwan di Universitas Exeter dan Plymouth , seperti dilansir BBC pekan ini , sekarang menegaskan risiko yang microplastics berpose untuk keanekaragaman hayati laut .

Microplastics tiba di lautan dunia secara langsung - misalnya melalui miliaran plastik ’ microbeads ’ mencuci sink kami setiap tahun - dan juga secara tidak langsung , dengan rincian item besar plastik yang menemukan jalan mereka ke laut .

Sebelumnya konservasionis telah berpikir ancaman utama bagi keanekaragaman hayati dari plastik berasal dari hewan menelan , atau sedang terjerat oleh , benda-benda plastik yang lebih besar . Namun penelitian baru ini sekarang menegaskan sifat nyata dan berbahaya dari ancaman yang timbul dari polusi microplastic .

Berbagai macam kehidupan laut sekarang telah ditemukan untuk menelan partikel microplastic - termasuk kerang , cacing , ikan dan bahkan plankton ( yang menjadi dasar rantai makanan laut secara keseluruhan ) . Microplastics juga dikenal untuk berkonsentrasi polutan beracun yang sebelumnya telah dicuci ke laut kita - termasuk DDT dan PCB - sampai satu juta kali tingkat latar belakang .

Temuan penelitian saat ini menunjukkan bahwa racun terikat microplastics tertelan benar-benar ditransfer ke hewan yang menelan mereka . Hewan-hewan tersebut - lugworms - menunjukkan reaksi yang jelas terhadap racun tersebut , dan dalam beberapa kasus bahkan mati sebagai hasilnya . Studi lain juga telah diterbitkan , menunjukkan hasil yang sama pada ikan kecil, di mana konsumsi microplastics sarat dengan racun mengakibatkan kerusakan hati .

FFI adalah , organisasi konservasi keanekaragaman hayati internasional pertama yang secara eksplisit mengembangkan program sekitar microplastics laut - meskipun berbagai kelompok kampanye laut telah mengangkat masalah ini . Dr Abigail Entwistle , Direktur FFI Sains berkomentar , ” Kami mengakui bahwa partikel-partikel plastik - dan kemampuan mereka untuk menarik dan berkonsentrasi racun - pasti akan memiliki beberapa dampak negatif terhadap keanekaragaman hayati . Kita sekarang sedih untuk memiliki keyakinan ini dikonfirmasi . “

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Pada tahun 2012 FFI memulai program kerja untuk mengurangi sumber microplastics ke dalam laut , dan awal tahun ini meluncurkan Baik Scrub Guide - cara untuk membantu konsumen mendukung tujuan ini melalui pilihan mereka membeli , dan hindari menggunakan scrub wajah yang menambah lebih lanjut microbeads plastik untuk miliaran sudah mencemari lautan kita .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/

2 U.S. Warships Arrive in Vietnam’s Aircraft Malaysia Airlines

Not wanting to miss with other countries , the United States also is sending two ships to help search MH370 aircraft lost in flight to Beijing , China on Saturday, March 8 . USS Pinckney and USNS John Ericsson was melarungi oceans ranging from the plane ‘s last known location was detected .(see also: pakan burung)

USS Pinckney equipped with missiles , arrived in the area of ​​Vietnam , Sunday, March 9 pm local time . The ship also carries two helicopters MH - 60R , to search and rescue . While USNS John Ericsson sailed from Singapore on Monday morning .

" Our teams help search and rescue at the request of the Malaysian government , " the U.S. government said in a A statement quoted from The Star on Monday ( 10/03/2014 ) .

In addition to the ship , the U.S. aircraft P - 3C Orion Navy has departed from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa , Japan , Monday morning , and have done a search .

Meanwhile , as published in The Star , an adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama said that it was too early to say terrorism is suspected in the disappearance of MH370 .

Deputy White House National Security Adviser Tony Blinken revealed on Sunday, March 9 , that the U.S. was looking for a related report 2 passengers ’ dark ’ in the plane . Although investigators have not been able to conclude .

Tony added it was too early to speculate whether the passenger had a role in the loss of the aircraft . He also said that U.S. investigators from the FBI , the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration is heading to Asia to assist in the investigation .

Meanwhile , Chief of Armed Forces General of Tan Sri Mohd Zin Zulkifeli expressed , Malaysia and Singapore has deployed a submarine support and rescue ship of their own fleet . Submarines , which are usually used to search or rescue shipwreck also deployed .

Department of Civil Aviation Director General Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman did not close all possibilities , including the hijacked plane . He added local search operation has been extended as far as 50 miles from the initial search is only as far as 20 miles.

Boeing 777 - 200ER which carries 227 passengers , including two infants and 12 crew lost on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared , about 1 hour after taking off from KL International Airport at 00:41 on Saturday, March 8 . The plane was supposed to land in Beijing , China at 06.30 local time . (see also: pakan burung cendet)

So far , there are seven citizens on board the aircraft . With four people suspected of passengers ’ dark . And other passengers came from Ukraine , China , USA , Malaysia , New Zealand and France .